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stay there

Financial personal training from Infinity means financial stress, secrecy and avoidance is a thing of the past. Our clients report better marriages, better careers and mortgages paid off well ahead of time. 




Budget management &
money mentoring on steroids

We’re committed to helping you get out from under your mortgage and money worries. To get it done, we use a multi-award winning management model where you have access to a personal budgeting specialist who holds you accountable to your goals by keeping an eye on your unconscious everyday spending habits, sneaky financial leaks, set living expenses and debt obligations.

Infinity opened our eyes to see what is actually achievable.

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Our podcasts, YouTube videos and free social webinars offer hours of free Money Mentorship from Infinity founder Graeme Holm

Getting financially fit
with Graeme Holm

03/06/2019 – 3pm
Infinity Headquarters
Bella Vista, NSW

Your financial

Infinity is all about financial education and literacy

You don’t know what you don’t know. Our goal is for everyone to get ahead and stay in a good place money-wise, which is why we are committed to delivering ongoing financial education through our sell-out live events and online content drops. 

FREE financial health assessment

Our obligation-free assessment will show you where you stand

Why accountability
is the only way

We call you on your bad habits because it works.

Human beings are impulsive. Most of us will spend everything we have direct access to. Infinity checks that impulse. We know it’s not enough to just tell how to manage your budget – we have to show you where you’re going wrong and draw your attention to pointless financial leaks that are bringing you no joy. This is where your dedicated financial personal trainer works with you to fix your finances, advise whether impulse purchases are a good idea and reduce your debt with tough love and a sense of humour.

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