4 steps to spend better, wipe debt & get ahead instead

We get to know you – properly

All Infinity client relationships start with a series of consultations where we take the time to understand your spending habits, money worries, financial blind spots and life goals.

We review your loans & debts

Our experts run through what you owe to whom to see if those arrangements are serving you. If a restructure would benefit you, we can organise one through our vast network.

We hold you to account

Your dedicated account manager keeps an eye on your outgoings (“A $5 coffee eh?”) and holds you to account. Because tough love is what it takes to get ahead for good. Call them when in doubt about spending decisions and they’ll weigh in wisely.

We give you a clear picture of everything

You’ll have 24/7 access to our budget management software, which allows you (and us) to easily monitor your progress as you end bad habits and form healthy new ones. Watch your mortgage go down and your wealth grow before your eyes.

FREE financial health assessment

Our obligation-free assessment will show you where you stand

We’ve secured a financial future for ourselves and our kids.

Kylie & Andrew

Infinity Media

Our podcasts, YouTube videos and free social webinars offer hours of free Money Mentorship from Infinity founder Graeme Holm

Access everything Infinity

Getting financially fit
with Graeme Holm

03/06/2019 – 3pm
Infinity Headquarters
Bella Vista, NSW

Get the guidance you need to succeed

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