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“You don’t know what you don’t know”

Knowledge & understanding will set you free

At Infinity, we take our role as budget management coach and money mentor seriously because we know A LOT of Australians struggle with money avoidance issues and living beyond their means.

We’re all about telling you what you need to know (even if it’s a tough conversation) to make better financial decisions for life. Because being told what to do isn’t good enough. You need to know the why behind your money moves.

Meet the
Money Mentor

Infinity founder Graeme Holm is the original Money Mentor – a multi-award winning financial educator, CEO, author and inspiring speaker whose life’s work is to share the knowledge he’s accumulated over years of achieving financial goals for clients.

With a community of 50,000 and counting, Graeme’s live seminars and webinars attract enthusiastic crowds in search of money motivation and insights.

Coming from a humble background, Graeme is passionate about helping ordinary Australians get ahead by sharing his knowledge in a way that’s relatable and easy to understand. 

Infinity & beyond

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Getting financially fit
with Graeme Holm

03/06/2019 – 3pm
Infinity Headquarters
Bella Vista, NSW